PNWJLL Commissioners Decision: Express Statement

Posted by Saanich Express on Jul 31 2019 at 02:07PM PDT in 2019 Season

The Saanich Express had chosen to not discuss the Commissioners ruling outside of our team but to many lacrosse fans have questions. To be fair to our players, parents and fans we have decided to release what the infraction was that our Commissioner ruled on that subsequently handed the PNWJLL Playoff Championship to the Westshore Bears.

We had a player that was suspended for three games and fined $100.00. During the third game in which he was to sit (which was the 1st game of the final play off round), we forgot to write “number ## serving game 3 of 3” under game notes, the player was in attendance but remained in the stands for the entire game and his name was not listed on the game sheet roster.

Before the second game, we handed the Commissioner a cheque from the parents of the player to the Commissioner to complete his suspension and fine so he could play. The Commissioner then ruled the day after the second game took place that we had played an ineligible player because we hadn’t made a note on the game sheet from the 1st game. With that ruling he took the win away from the Express and gave it to the Westshore Bears along with the PNWJLL Playoff Championship.


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